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Meet Erin 

Hello, I'm Erin Aylmer. I am a licensed yoga teacher and certified counseling astrologer. I'm glad you're here, let me share a little bit about my journey with you. 

My yoga journey began in 2009 when I moved to Costa Rica. I explored various styles of yoga and completed my first teacher training in 2011. That year, I moved from the tropics to the mountains and found Anusara Yoga in quaint Teton Valley, Idaho. I began a deep dive into the study of this system of hatha yoga and fully immersed myself in training and apprenticeship for over 5 years. I inherited the predominant yoga studio in my community from my teacher and mentor as part of my immersive training. I owned and operated Yoga off Little from 2016-2020 and passed the baton to the next generation as I began to transition my career towards therapeutic counseling. 

In between yoga and psychotherapy, I began studying archetypal astrology in 2018. This shift in study vastly expanded my worldview and it became natural for me to bring astrology into my yoga classes. It was through the combination of yoga and astrology that I truly began to understand what it means to live an embodied and intentional life. In 2020, I enrolled in graduate school  to pursue a masters degree in marriage and family therapy to better understand what astrology was telling me about relational dynamics. I learned that astrology and psychology are intimately related. The symbolism in planetary archetypes points us towards the unseen parts of ourselves, and this is what inspires my work on all levels.


To learn more about my approach in working with clients, please scroll down. I work with people of all walks of life, and would be honored to join you on your journey. Please contact me any time. 



Capella University 2020-2023

I am in the final year of my masters program in marriage and family therapy. I am focusing on attachment-based, psychodynamic, family systems theory. 

Trust Psyche School of Astrology & Depth Psychology 2018-2023

I am an ongoing student of archetypal astrology at Trust Psyche. I earned my certificate in counseling astrology in 2019.

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga 2014-2023

I am a licensed Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher and continue to develop my practice through ongoing education within the Anusara system. I am also E-RYT 500 certified with Yoga Alliance and have over 700 hours of teacher training.


My Approach


I am a hatha yoga teacher trained in Anusara Yoga. My classes are alignment based and guided by a central theme. As an archetypal astrologer, I draw from planetary archetypes to inform the theme of my classes and inspire my students. My classes often have a workshop-like feel with a focus on breaking down the postures for a more nuanced look at somatic patterning. You will enjoy classes with me if you have an interest in practicing yoga for both its therapeutic and spiritual benefits.



I am a counseling astrologer trained in archetypal astrology. My readings focus on the relationships between the planets more so than the meaning of the signs and houses. I appreciate a collaborative approach that honors what is best and most relevant for my client. I ground my readings with a comprehensive understanding of the client's natal chart before incorporating personal transits and the timing of cyclical patterns. You will enjoy readings with me if you feel inspired to participate with the cosmos in the unfolding of your life.


I am a clinical intern trained in marriage and family therapy.  My counseling sessions are grounded in a relational perspective that holds my client at the center of their larger systems such as relationships, family, culture, vocation and society at large. Sessions with me are collaborative and I hold a safe space for self-expression and thoughtful introspection. I work with individuals, couples and families of all walks of life.

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