Therapeutic Alignment

for the Soul

Astrology Readings

Birth Chart

Your birth chart is a personal mirror for understanding the different parts of your inner psyche and how you relate to the world around you. By aligning with your birth chart you can more fully embody the unique individual that you are and your relationship to the greater cosmos.

Personal Transits

Your personal transits reveal the sequencing of how your life is unfolding. When you align with the unique sequence of your own personal rhythm, it is possible to feel more in-tune with the flow of your evolutionary path. Through the ups and downs of life, your transits can provide a a guide for the timing of cycles and patterns that naturally ebb and flow.


Relationship readings combine two birth charts to show where energy flows easily and where there are challenges. A relationship reading can illuminate where there may be potential for challenging interaction dynamics and offer realignment towards more harmonious interaction cycles.

Classes & Workshops

Yoga Classes

Every Tue & Thur, 9:15-10:30 AM

@ Orleans Yoga

I teach an elegant set of biomechanics that honor the optimal blueprint of the human form. My classes are themed to reflect the current planetary alignments in such a way that is both inspiring and supportive. Classes are accessible for most levels. Pre-register online with Orleans Yoga.

Embodied Astrology

Sat, Oct 29 , 1 - 4PM

@ Orleans Yoga

This workshop offers you the opportunity to amplify your self-care ritual by aligning your yoga practice with planetary cycles. This workshop bridges the energies of earth and sky so you may ground yourself in connection to the greater cosmos. Pre-register online with Orleans Yoga.

Salt & Stars

Wed, Oct 12 , 5:30 - 8PM

@ Just Breathe Salt Spa

Receive an astrological forecast for the Mars retrograde cycle followed by a relaxing halotherapy meditation in the salt cave. While Mars is retrograde, this is an optimal time to reboot your energy, reclaim your autonomy and realign your will with your action. Contact Syd at the Spa to save your spot.


About Me

Hello, my name is Erin Aylmer and I am a registered yoga teacher and certified counseling astrologer. 

I became a yoga teacher in 2010 and hold a license with the Anusara School of Hatha YogaIn 2019, I received my certificate in Astrological Counseling from Trust Psyche School of Astrology & Depth Psychology in the lineage of archetypal astrology. Currently, I am completing my Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy at Capella University.


I find great joy in guiding therapeutic alignment both in the body and to the planetary cycles. I feel honored to hold space for sacred conversations for the purpose of aligning with your own heart's wisdom. I would love to work with you 1-1 or see you in yoga class or one of my upcoming workshops. Please contact me with any questions you may have.